Solar Power Fun Facts

When we are talking about solar power nowadays, it is easily incorporated with the Solar Power Roofing.   If you plan your budget well ahead, you will be able to kill 2 birds in one stone.  This will save you huge utilities bill in the long run plus you are doing a good deed to our mother earth.

Solar power is popular at any age in fact, looking back at the history.  An hour of Sunlight from the sun when it reaches the earth’s surface, it can supply the entire world’s energy needs for a full year.  And, it takes 8 minutes to travel from the sun to earth.

Who would have guess that if, this information did not publish from the American Solar Energy Society?

In United States, there are more than 10,000 homes that rely their energy supply entirely from the solar power itself.

California is the pioneer who opened its first giant solar power energy plant in 1982.

Surprisingly, nearly 200 years ago, a British astronomer – John Herschel using solar power to cook his food on his journey to Africa.

And do you know that solar power is able to cut water bills over 50 percent each year in any home when it has been replaced from the conventional electric water heater?

One good news to know is that the price of the (PV) Photovoltaic Solar Power Panel has dropped over 200 percent over the last 30 years according to the report from the Department of Energy.  Therefore, owners are paying in the range of 10 to 40 cents per kilowatt per hour.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced a study done in San Francisco on June 14th, 2000 that the solar power energy was close to 99 percent perfect.  That being said, almost 100,000 household in that area who is depending on the conventional supply of energy lost power on that day, those who has independent solar power still continue to have undisturbed electricity.

Solar power energy is like a dooms day or catastrophe back up plan, if not your smart thinking ahead of being energy independence.  I am all for it!

If we start building or replacing the old roof to (PV) solar power panel in all the cities and county buildings, we could have generated approximately 200 megawatts of clean electricity.  Maybe the congress should pass the bill to gradually phase out the conventional electric supply towards this direction.

This project has endless possibility to provide the peak of energy supply for everybody including the schools.  Instead of footing the bills for power using tax payer money, we can be freed from this if we could plan this right.  We could even extend it to the commercial and industrial buildings and housing projects.

From the study in Germany, the technology of the solar power energy is so efficient that it can be stored effectively to supply consistent energy even though its climate has many cloudy days.