Rooftop Gardening Facts

Grow Your Garden On Your Roof Top

Flat Roofing is probably one of the most versatile roof top that you can do something fun with it besides the main and basic function of providing sheltering over your head.

One of the fun stuff to do with the flat roof top is “Roof Gardening” – a form of plant cultivation on top of a house or building’s top.  At times, terraces and balconies are also being utilized.

There are several types of roof top gardening that you can choose from. The common are the flat bed and vertical gardening which is using the walls as a base for creeping plants and hanging pot gardening.  You probably have heard about the famous garden of Babylon and this is what it is right on top of your roof.

As land become increasingly scarce and expensive to acquire in the urban area, roof top gardening has becoming a great alternative.  Besides enhancing the architectural and decorative display, it helps in temperature control, bear your own organic fresh fruits and vegetables and possibly created some great habitat for friendly bugs, insects, bees, butterflies, birds, lizards and others.

Roof gardening provide spectacular recreational opportunities.  If you have a green thumb and gardening is your hobby and pastime, this will be a heaven.  And, if this is a new expedition, go right onto it and it will promote personal activity and exercise while tending to the garden.

Green plants help to produce oxygen and reduce excess carbon dioxide emitted by automobile and industry around which claimed to cause global warming.  It has long proven that plants offer greener cities and effectively conserve environment by recycle waste and water.

So, how can we do it the right way?  It is all about the techniques that you will learn from the following.

Gardening techniques

Firstly, you must consider the weight of the soil that will impact on the strength of the building floor slab.  Therefore, this must be planned before putting up the flat roof.  You need to inform the engineer and architect of what you intending to do to avoid disaster.

Light soil should be used in this case for example, peat moss and soil rite.  If this mix is not available at your local store, make your own mixture of 50 percent garden soil, 30 percent of saw dust with 20 percent of pebbles.  This magic mixture is not only lightweight, it also enhances water retention and root development.


Proper drainage will determine the success or failure of our roof top gardening.  Excess water must be drain off and a layer of waterproof bitumen must be applied on the floor.  During the construction, waterproof cement should be used as well.  Secondly, place 2 x 4 inches of burnt bricks followed by a net lawn on top to keep the soil in place.

If the space is large, place pipes along several areas that lead to the main drainage holes and cover them with soil.  Alternatively, lay corrugated sheets across the floor and leave 3 inches in between some sections to allow excess water drains to the main drainage holes.  Please also place compact hay along the edges of the wall to lead the excess water around towards the drainage outlet.  The drainage outlet must not be blocked at all time.  If necessary, improvise with covers to keep the heavy rain off as well as extreme heat from the sun.

Plants That Favor Roof Top Gardening

You can plant vegetables like spinach, kale, parsley and lettuce.  As for fruits, you can choose from tomatoes, passion and grapes.  Roof top gardening is an excellent choice of growing medicinal plants that can make green tea and raw juices includes fast growing wheat grass, barley grass, amaranth and dandelion.  Other herbs and spices that work well are rosemary, sage, fennel, lemon grass, coriander and onion.

It is recommended to use container to grow aloe vera, flowers and any plants of your choice.  But, you need to separate different plant types by using planks of wood to create a walking path so that you can water your garden.

So what is holding you back?  Check out more about the pros and cons of flat rooftop gardening at