Fun Tips To An Attractive Garden

Living in a city could be hectic and boring these days.  The rat race is stressful, and we tend to forget to pause for a breather and smell the roses along the way.

If you are trapped in this situation, and wanted to get out of the routine, why not considering a roof top gardening?  If you prefer a smaller scale, opt for the balconies and terraces gardening depending on your appetite.  Tending to the garden can be therapeutic even though, it could take up to hours watering the plants, disinfecting, supplying fertilizing nourishment to the soil and weeding.  If you are pursuing gardening as a hobby and passionate about it, this could be a life changer.

Fortunately, multistory buildings usually come with balconies to receive proper sunlight and possibly an easy access to the roof top. Regardless whether you already nurturing a few potted plants in your home or intend to start a new project, it is important to start it right at the beginning. You can refer to my next articles as to how to go about it.

Starting a roof top or balcony garden is easy but maintaining is tougher than you thought. Practice extra care with the municipal rules and regulations making sure you get the green light before embarking on your ambitious journey.

Space Measurement is the first step to start with your idea.  You must measure the physical area, draw up a plan to arrange for the materials and decide the type of plants.  Study the direction of the sunlight, water supply and the glorify extreme weather effect.   If space permit, plan a comfortable seating area to rest and enjoy your garden at the end of a day with a cup of your favorite drink would be fabulous.

Next is to decide on your sole intend of this roof top or balcony gardening.  Do you intend to just beautifying the scenery like planting flowers and plants or you would like to make it into a true vegetation gardening with herbs and fruits.  Think through this along with your budget before making up your decision.

Other aspects to consider is to declutter the surrounding of the area and focus on your garden.  Space is important for the growth of your plant.

Bundle up similar plant together in a group.  Unity even in diversity will make your garden look neat and bigger.  You can also use variation of pots, plant hangers and wracks to add depth and height of your garden besides maximizing the space utilization, it will make your garden look elegant.

From my personal experience, a visit to the local nursery will give you a good idea how to begin with.  Consult with the professional and they will show you some valuable pointers.  Buying the plant from the nursery would give you a peak of your masterpiece but buying the plant online would be a much cheaper route.

Consider a greenhouse installation if you wish to have a whole year round harvest from your garden.  Always start small experimenting the best formula of your growing tips and later, just multiply the same concept.