Fun Facts of Roofing

Some Facts You Ought to Know About Roofing.

#1 – You can have a living roof! It does not mean that you can literally pack your clothes and move to the roof top.  It meant a roof where you can grow your plants and flowers there just like gardening but more sophisticated or classy.

This living roof concept has becoming well accepted in more and more residential areas where space is limited on the ground.  There is no better way than growing your own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs than spending higher dollar buying it at the grocery store.

The awareness of healthy food for a greater quality life inspire people to think green.  This living roof is a good alternative for those who is shifting towards a healthier lifestyle.

You can read more about roof top gardening here.

#2 – Metal roofing has become more popular just in the recent decade.  Some hesitated to install this type of roofing preconceived notions that metal makes too much noise.  In the contrary, this is far from the truth.  The solid sheathing with the technology of the metal panel, they are noise free even in the bad weather condition.  So there!

#3 – If you are building an inheritance mansion or a home that you are expecting to pass on to your generations to come, consider an inexpensive slate roofing.  It has a life expectancy of over a century!

#4 – Wooden roof is not durable is a myth.  Wood roof is not only looking elegant with distinguish traditional appearance, they are easy to install, and rusting will never be a problem.  It will retain its integrity even with the exposure of moisture and heat.

#5 – You are not the master of your roof but the weather dictates what style of roof you should be installing.  Gable roof that formed with two triangles at a 90-degree angle is the best selection in a snowy climate. For a windy area, you should look in to a hipped roof that have four slopes of equal length on four sides that meet at the top to form a ridge.  As for a flat roof, it is probably more suitable for a drier climate.

#6 – Flat roof is not entirely flat like a pancake.  It has a ¼ inch slope per foot.

#7 – A good roof is not just comprising of shingles or tiles.  There are many components that form a sturdy strong roofing system.  Read more about it here.  There is underlayment, sheathing, metal flashing, waterproofing, ventilation, soffits, vents etc.

#8 – It is dangerous to cover an old roof with a new roofing system thinking this will be a shorter inexpensive route to save money.  It is a ticking time bomb hiding the corroding material underneath allowing the problem to worsen over time.  Instead of saving you some money, you are looking into a double trouble.

#9 – I know many are preaching about Do It Yourself roofing replacement project.  Unless you know what you are doing way over 100%, it is still best to leave this complex layering roofing system to the expert.

#10 – Your roof needs to breath.  Therefore, ventilation is mandatory to allow air flow underside the roof deck.  Roof ventilation make rooms for warm moist air to escape and cool dry air to come in to the attic.  Suffocating the roof will ended up in damage walls, wood and insulation.

#11 – There is a “Cool Roof” exist nowadays.  It is an environmental friendly roofing system that reflect ultraviolet away from the building and efficiently emit radiation.  It also helps to conserve energy, reduce air pollution and mitigating head radiation into the atmosphere.

#12 – Roof cleaning is not just a thing.  It is like a detox system to your roofing.  There are professional roof cleaning companies who specialize in keeping your roof sparkling clean and run efficiently to prolong the lifespan.

#13 – Before putting your home in to the market for sales, I suggest that you check out your roof first for any missing shingles, leaks etc.  A faulty roof can break your sale.

#14 – Besides the slate roof that is estimated to last for a century.  All roofing materials have a lifespan of around 20-35 years generally.  However, a shake style shingles can have a warranty up to 50 years.  In some cases, manufacturer do offer extended warranty for manufacturer defects and it is transferable to a new homeowner.