Facts Of Alternative Energy

When our mother or grandmother drying their clothes outside on a clothes line, they are utilizing the Solar Power.  We never thought about this back then or even right now but it is the fact.

Mankind has been using the Solar Power energy since the caveman era!  Just that when technology advances as we progress, we become fancy and finally realized that our creation has done more damaging to the mother nature.  So, we are heading back to the basic to preserve the planet, hoping it will continue to nurture the generation to come.

We all know that Solar Panels are used to generate electricity.  It has existed since the late 1800s.  Solar Panels are knowns as Photo-Voltaic (PV).  When sunlight hit the panel, it stimulates the electrons which create the direct current.  The current is the power that turn on the machinery, equipment, pump, charging batteries, etc.  When the current is converted using an inverter to change from DC to AC, that is the electricity we are using at home to boot up electrical appliances, heater, electronic, etc.

However, when this power is used to charge batteries, we need to use a charge controller to keep them from over charging to avoid damage and extend the lifespan of the batteries

Have you ever wonder what is Solar Thermal? It is the thermal for domestic hot water.  There are a few different kind of panels but a couple common types are the Flat Plate Collector and Evacuated Tube.

These panels are usually placed on the south roof and it can be installed in your yard or, just about anywhere in the sun.  This mechanism uses running water through the panel, heated by the sunlight and return to the storage tank what is known as the hot water heater.

In colder weather area, a different closed loop system is used.  A water glycol mix is used to run through a heat exchanger to heat up the water.  The water is separated from the glycol mix for safety purposes.  In fact, glycol is a safe product which is commonly found in toothpaste.  The isolation is necessary so that we don’t really cook or shower with a toothpaste water.

In a larger scale, solar thermal is used to heat up the swimming pool.  You would be surprised to know that people are using the swimming pool as the storage tank in this system.  Pool water is diverted through the panels and after the sunlight heats the water, it is sent back to the pool.  So there, heated pool without paying additional electric bill and it can extend the swim season by 3 more months.  In the southern states like Florida, you bet you can use the pool the whole year round.

Cost wise, this system should pay itself off in about 2-3 years and estimated to last up to 20 over years.  If the calculation is correct, the system will be paid off in 3 years and it will then pay you back for the next 17 plus years.  Well, this is a just a metaphorical because we don’t get cash back like the credit card just like using fossil fuel heater or heat pump.  The point is, it is a free energy after 3 years of payment.

So, the next time when you are thinking of replacing your old saggy roof, please consider the Solar Power Panels.  You will thank me after the payment is paid off.  You can read more about roofing by visiting www.roofingsecret.com