Discovery of Roofing

There are many roofing discoveries and facts gathered for centuries even before civilization that are funny to read about.  This is not just a piece of story but, they are accumulated proven facts that shows evidence of existence.

Here’s are some for your reading pleasure.

  1. The older roofing material in the world is known as thatch clay and stone. Thatch materials were used between 5000 – 1800 BC.  However, clay tiles were traced back around 10,000 BC.
  2. Thatch roofs are naturally waterproof due to the effectiveness of the reed that is bundled up tightly and shed water. Surprisingly, a thatched roof can shed not just water but sleet and snow.
  3. In Pacific Northwest, red and white shingles are known as classy roofing for the homes.
  4. Wood shake roofing is the natural building materials that is still appealing and holds strong sentimental value to many but, some insurance companies are considering this type of material hazardous to potentially caught fire and therefore, the premium is much higher and some even refuse to insure.
  5. Do you know that metal roofing is not as heavy as the wood shingles?
  6. The most popular roofing material in United States is Asphalt Shingles that was invented in the 1900. It is by far the most cost effective and durable in today’s market.
  7. However, green roofing material has surplus the favorite Asphalt because of its longer lifespan.
  8. Converting flat roofing in to gardening or the traditional green roofs will extend the shelf life of your roof if proper installation is done correctly. Please read my other article about installation guide.  The secret behind it is the plants and soil protect the roof from heat damage as well as extreme temperature variance.
  9. When you have found a leaking roof, it is usually not right above it. Water travels before it drips down and could be as far as 20 feet away from the original leak.  So, look beyond the deceiving location.
  10. The good news is that a leaky roof does not necessary mean that you need to replace your entire roof unless it has prolonged in an extended period without proper handling. Then, there could be a dry rot and you can’t get away from spending the save up emergency fund.
  11. The favorite common weak spots of your roof are the areas that require the protection of flashing. Other high possibility is the damaged shingles or old waterproofing material that lay underneath the shingles that is crying for attention.
  12. Installing solar power panel on your roof will reduce your carbon footprint cutting off your dependency on fossil fuel and lock in your utility price plus 30% federal tax credit.
  13. There are so many proven evidence about the durability and lifespan of metal roofing over a standard asphalt shingle. And yet, many still prefer the asphalt material and I don’t blame your choice due to the budget.  For your information however, metal roofing lasts 3-7 times longer than asphalt.  So, in the long run, it saves you money.